Laxmi Narayan Ojha, Pratibha Bist, Prashant Bhatt

Doi: 10.26480/fabm.02.2021.88.91

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Dolpa is the largest district and one of the major apple-producing districts of Nepal. It had seemingly an increasing trend of production and productivity of apple despite having low productivity than the national average. A study was carried out to study the production and marketing status of the district. Preliminary studies were done and a household survey was carried out among 125 apple-growing farmers from different wards of Tripurasundari and Thulibheri Municipality. 10 commercial farmers in Juphal along with five wholesalers and retailers each based in Nepalgunj were also interviewed to observe the marketing status of apple. 16.59 % of the income was generated through apple production behind government jobs and other agricultural activities. Apple farming was found profitable with BC ratio of 1.39. Training, technical assistance, experience, and landholding were found to have a positive influence on the apple-growing farmers. The overall productivity of apple in the area was 7.55 MT per ha, which was lower than the national average. Improper Post-harvest handling and storage facility had created a post-harvest loss of 14.33 %. Most of the produce was marketed within the district only due to lack of good roads. Lack of irrigation and insect pest attack were the major production problems whereas lack of storage and poor transportation as the major marketing problems. Increasing the frequency of extension works, technical assistance and good transport of the produce were needed to be focused.

Pages 88-91
Year 2021
Issue 2
Volume 2